Sunrise of Paoli Development-Sunrise Development, Inc., Villanova, PA
Assisted Living Facility on a 5-acre site in situated on border of Willistown Township, East Whiteland Township and Malvern Borough in Chester County, PA. Medveczky provided expert testimony at conditional use hearings for development in steep slopes, designed a private pump station, coordinated utility tie-in with the architect and utility companies, reviewed all submittals, and prepared site inspection reports for the owner. MA prepared Highway Plans along SR 0030 for installation of turning lanes, deceleration lanes, drainage, Pavement marking and TCP Plans. Medveczky teamed with Schnabel Engineering to perform the geo-technical and soils investigations required for the foundation of this 43,000 sq ft building on 15% slopes and for the design of extensive retaining walls. Highlights - coordination efforts among all stakeholders were a challenge for this project skirting the borders of three municipalities.

Anselma Crossing Development-Anselma Crossing, LLC, Chester Springs, PA
This project encompassed the re-development of several parcels for commercial use. Medveczky engineering staff provided site development engineering, permitting and surveying. Components included: preparation of all Land development plans; utilization of Hec-2 and Hec-Ras in the preparation of a flood analysis for the remapping of the 100-year base flood limits along a studied segment of the Pickering Creek; design of a new 4-way intersection onto SR 0100 including widening, left turning lanes and a culvert extension; design of a 600-foot off-site inter-connector road to provide marginal access between parcels; MA designed a combination of BMP’s including underground seepage beds, bio-filtration systems and porous paving to comply with Post Construction Stormwater Management requirements in high quality watershed; MA prepared and obtained Joint Permit Application for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 404 Permit and PA DEP Chapter 105 – Water Obstruction and Encroachment Permit for stream crossings and culvert extensions; MA designed sewage pump stations and obtained PA DEP Act 537 approval for the pumping and discharge of sewage to a private treatment plant located off-site. Highlights- Re-development of industrial site; Re-mapping of the 100-year base flood along the Pickering Creek

Greenridge Open Space Development-Charles Hurchalla, Exton, PA
Medveczky (MA) engineering staff provided all civil/site engineering and consulting services for this 31-lot single family community in Upper Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky arranged for the client to sponsor a presentation to the Township by the Brandywine Conservancy (a prominent conservation group in Southeastern Pennsylvania). This event was the catalyst which ushered into the Township the concept of Open Space Zoning, (now currently known throughout Pennsylvania as Cluster Zoning ). In conformance with this new zoning, MA's creativity and innovation resulted in a design for Greenridge that preserved over 65 percent of the land area as open space ultimately dedicated to the Township. Furthermore, Medveczky's diligence in bringing together the Township, Developer and the Conservation resulted in a win/win partnership between the Developer and the Township for the design and construction of a Drip Irrigation System to treat and dispose of sewage from the Greenridge homes and 27 existing homes off-site which had failing on-lot septic systems. Medveczky also surveyed and designed for a 1,700 LF off-site water main extension to serve the development. Highlights - Medveczky's proven ability to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders and negotiate a solution that resulted in a winning and sustainable solution for all. The developer succeeded in providing large estate homes situated on small lots abutting areas of open space, having all homes served with public water and public sewer and no HOA required

Nobel Learning Center, Lower Providence Twp., Montgomery County, PA
Medveczky (MA) engineering staff prepared all facets of site development plans for a 150 child daycare plus 3,000 square foot office building along Germantown Pike in Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA. The MA staff worked closely with the building architects to satisfy ADA requirements, outdoor play area and classroom ingress and egress locations in accordance with PA Code Chapter 3270 requirements.Highlights - Obtained HOP permit from Montgomery County for a single access to site

Summer Chase Apartments-Amerdel Corporation, Montgomery County, PA
Medveczky engineering staff prepared all civil/site and landscape plans including roadway design for development of an 80-unit apartment complex in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, PA. Medveczky obtained land development approval from the township, a Highway Occupancy Permit from PADOT including approval for widening and re-stiping along an 800 foot section of SR 4031. MA prepared Stormwater Management Plans and Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans required for PA DEP NOI and letter of adequacy from the Montgomery County Conservation District. Highlights - Medveczky prepared complete highway design plans for widening section of S.R. 4031

Maximum Fitness Site Redevelopment- Pottstown Pike (SR 0100), Exton PA
MA was lead engineer for all aspects of the civil/site design, permitting and approval of this commercial project for the construction of a new 6,000 sq ft Physical Therapy Operation. MA efforts included: the design of pedestrian bridge over Lionville Run with direct access to the building from the westerly parking lot; coordination with the project architect on the reuse of the foundation on the existing building having a foundation coincident with the east bank of the stream; Preparation of flood analysis of Lionville Run using Hec-Ras; MA designed a total of eight (8) Stormwater BMPs for NPDES approval of Post Construction SWM; MA designed and obtained permitting for a stream outfall protection for an existing culvert into Lionville Run; Coordinated with PA DOT and local municipality so that site entrance location and highway frontage curb lines were designed to be consistent with future SR 0100 plans which were in the design stage. Obtained HOP approval of new access onto SR 0100. Highlights-prepared flood analysis to redelineate 100-year flood limits related to new bridge

Malin Station Development - Pulte Homes, Inc., Chester County, PA
Medveczky engineering staff oversaw preparation of Land Development Plans for a 33-Unit detached single family condominium in East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. Our staff obtained all plan approvals, incorporated BMP's into the design for earth disturbance in an exceptional value watershed, and prepared detailed landscaping and tree protection plans. MA designed a portion of the Chester Valley Trail located in the old rail right of way which bifurcates the project area. Trail design included an at-grade crossing, removal of old railroad abutment walls and buffer landscaping between the trail and homes abutting the trail. Incorporated historic ruins of the oridinal station, old barn wall and root storage building into the open space design of the development. MA obtained highway occupancy permit from PA DOT for design of new access point onto S.R. 0029. MA teamed with Yerkes Associates for the design of a private sewage pump station.

Fetter's Mill ( Lowland Farms) Subdivision-GenTerra Corporation, Exton, PA Medveczky engineering staff provided civil/site engineering services for this 26-lot cluster subdivision in East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky prepared all utility, grading and stormwater plans and designed shallow surface recharge beds for stormwater infiltration. Project is highlighted on Chester County BMP Tour. Highlights-designed infiltration bed in karst geology using subsurface geotechnical data

County Bridge #244-County of Chester, West Chester, PA
Medveczky engineering staff is responsible for providing Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans, obtaining traffic data, and coordinating with utilities for this county bridge on Hadfield Road in East Brandywine Township, Chester County, PA.

Ridgewood Communities -Ridgewood Partnership, Plymouth Meeting, PA
Medveczky engineering staff provided a full range of engineering services for this 450 unit retirement village located on 33 acres in Upper Providence Township, Montgomery County, PA. Medveczky oversaw preparation of all site plans and master landscaping plan; attended meetings for township approvals; prepared all aspects of highway design plans for the construction of turning lanes, widening and deceleration lanes along a .3 mile section of S.R. 4017, including sign and pavement markings plans as well as traffic control plans; MA prepared plan and fee simple deed (form M950) for dedication of additional right of way to PA DOT. Highlights-Roadway re-alignment and dedication of right-of-way to PA DOT.

Sunrise of Exton Development-Sunrise Development, Inc., Villanova, PA
Medveczky engineering staff prepared Land Development Plans for a 76-Unit Assisted Living Facility on a 3-acre site in West Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky reviewed submittals, coordinated with utility companies, inspected contractors work and prepared reports to owner during construction. Highlights: Medveczky altered the site layout to incorporate an area with existing specimen landscaping to create a reflection garden area for the residents.

ITT-Flygt Building Site Development-Richard Schmidt, Chester County, PA
Medveczky engineering staff prepared site plans for a 3,750 sq. ft. addition to an existing 10,000 sq. ft. office/warehouse building in Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky obtained all site approvals and coordination with both the architect and structural engineer.

Fraser/Exton Development Water Main Design-J. Loew, Downingtown, PA
Medveczky completed an emergency water line design project under a demanding schedule to service eight existing residential properties along Swedesford Road in East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. The project involved a 950 inear foot extension of an 8-inch water line that included two stream crossings in an exceptional value watershed. Highlights-Extensive location coordination with PSWC, Mobil/Sun Pipelines, PADEP, PADOT

East Coast Marine Site Development-B & H Ltd. Partnership, Trappe, PA
Medveczky engineering staff was responsible for full civil/site services as well as permitting, surveying and environmental coordination on this 10 acre site for construction of 12,000 square foot building housing a boat sales showroom and marine service facility located in Limerick Township, Montgomery County, PA. Medveczky provided land development plans, stormwater management design, drainage design, HOP application, PADEP permitting, site surveying, and utility relocation.
Highlights-Medveczky provided sensitive coordination of wetlands delineation for the site.

Malvern Woods Subd.-General Residential Development, Inc., Malvern, PA
For this 30-lot residential subdivision in Malvern Borough, Medveczky engineering staff oversaw preparation of Subdivision Plans for this single family development, prepared the Grading Plan, the Stormwater Management Plan, and Landscaping and Lighting Plans. Medveczky staff attended all borough meetings and obtained all required permitting and approvals. Highlights: Medveczky site design was sensitive to the existing homes for this in-fill development located in the Borough.

Great Valley Corporate Center, Parcel 9-Genterra, Inc., Chester County, PA Medveczky (MA) engineering staff prepared engineered site plans for the Land Development approval of a 125-unit Marriott Hotel and a 36,000 sq. ft. office building with underground parking facility on a 13-acre site in East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky mapped the existing floodplain and floodway of Little Valley Creek using the HEC RAS computer modeling program, re-ran HEC RAS and determined the impact of stream crossing on flood elevations, prepared the Stormwater Management Plan and incorporated BMP's into the project site for an NPDES permit in an Exception Value Watershed. Medveczky teamed with Cassio Engineering, Inc for the structural design of the bridge, Horner and Cantor Associates, Inc for the re-signalization of new site access aligned with SR 0200 at Mathews Road intersection and Muddy Waters for Site Landscaping. Highlights - prepared application and obtained Joint Permit from Pa DEP and A.C.O.E. for the construction of a double 26-ft span low profile arch bridge.

Allegria Restaurante Site Development-S & J D'Aprano, Chester County, PA
This project involved conversion of an existing residential building to a one-story restaurant on Welsh Road, Uwchlan Township, Chester County, PA. Medveczky was responsible for preparation of all site plans and specifications for the project

Bookseller Court Residential Development-David Bishop, Malvern, PA
Medveczky engineering staff provided all land development plans for this 8-unit residential development in Malvern Borough and East Whiteland Township, Chester County, PA. Highlights-provided expert testimony for obtaining variances from Zoning Hearing Boards

New Garden Township Municipal Engineering-, Avondale, PA
From 1994 to 2008, Medveczky engineering staff duties included full engineering review of over 100 Subdivision and Land Development Projects within the Township. Additional duties included meeting with land owners and developers to provide guidance on plan submissions to the township and discussing township design standards as they pertained to the specific projects at hand, assisting in the re-writing and review of amendments to the New Garden Township Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances and Zoning Ordinances, and providing expert testimony during Conditional Use Hearings within the Township. Medveczky also was responsible for preparation of plans for Highway Occupancy Permits for utility location and relocation within the Township.